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Businesses are crucial to solving
the UK’s productivity problems.

– Jan 5th, 2023

Overview National Databases

This page aims at building a (non-exhaustive) collection of databases featuring productivity- related data for the UK and other countries at the national, or country level. Its content will be updated periodically.

ONS growth accounting database

Annual growth accounting data for the UK market sector and component industries. Experimental estimates.

TPI UK Intangibles Growth-Accounting dataset

The Productivity Institute UK Intangible Growth Accounting dataset (2022) is a granular industry dataset covering the market sector of the economy, including information on the growth of output, productivity, prices, capital and labour inputs, and sources-of-growth contributions.

WORLD KLEMS  Productivity and Growth Accounting

The World KLEMS initiative has been set up to promote and facilitate the analysis of growth and productivity patterns around the world, based on a growth accounting framework. The website serves as a hub with links to many productivity datasets provided by National Statistical Institutes (NSIs), as well as analytical datasets provided by academic research groups around the world.