Working closely with

Through our Productivity Commission and 8 Regional Productivity Forums we will work with policy makers on critical productivity issues at both a local and national level.


The Productivity Commission is the policy arm of The Productivity Institute and regularly meets to discuss ongoing policy questions throughout the UK.

It is an independent academic forum for the development of research-based policies and a focal point for Whitehall initiatives. We aim to develop and support a new constituency to support the national debate on productivity and promoting robust and consistent policies to address the UK’s chronic productivity shortfall.

The Commission aims to understand the policy implications of research produced by The Productivity Institute and elsewhere, as well as develop strong institutional links with government and other national bodies.

Regional Forums

The forums are involved in the implementation of research insights, the design of practical business and policy interventions, and in providing input to the development of the Institute’s future research agenda.

Their members include stakeholders from policy community and business leaders from local, national and multinational enterprises. Each Regional Productivity Forum is chaired by a regional business leader and supported by a Regional Forum Lead from each of the partner universities.

The eight Forums are based in:


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