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Businesses are crucial to solving
the UK’s productivity problems.

Practical Productivity – How to transform performance?

How can companies transform their business through becoming more productive? What are the things stopping us doing this? What simple practical techniques are there to restore and increase productivity? In short, what is practical productivity?

We’ve often said it before – productivity is not the thing that keeps most business leaders awake at night. Productivity is not usually part of a company’s KPIs, and while many in our audience don’t need convincing on why productivity matters overall, we don’t necessarily always have clear ideas of what the key levers are at the firm level. So, let’s get practical about productivity.

Host Bart van Ark is joined by Professor Mark Logan from the University of Glasgow, formerly of Skyscanner, Professor Mark Hart, an expert in entrepreneurship, enterprise and small business from Aston University and Paul Abraham, the Managing Director and Client Partner for the Local Public Service business for Capita.

About our guests:

Paul Abraham is the Managing Director and Client Partner for the Local Public Service business for Capita where he is responsible for strategy, end to end P&L, and customer relationships across Local Government, Housing & Community Health. Paul has a lot of practical experience of how to improve productivity in a business, how to use technology as an enabler, how businesses can work smarter and the culture that is necessary to harness productivity improvements.

Mark Hart is Professor of Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship at Aston Business School and Deputy Director, Enterprise Research Centre (ERC). For many years, Mark has worked and published in the areas of entrepreneurship, enterprise and small business development and policy and he has undertaken numerous evaluation studies of business support products and services in the UK and Ireland. His work on High-Growth Firms (HGFs) has been influential in shaping policy discussions and actions in the UK.

Mark Logan, is Professor in Practice (School of Computing Science) at the University of Glasgow. Mark has more than 25 years of leadership experience in the internet technology industry sector. He was instrumental in the success of multiple start-ups, including as COO of Skyscanner, one of Europe’s most successful technology companies.

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