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Businesses are crucial to solving
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Hybrid working, well-being and the effect on productivity

Are hybrid working models good for productivity? Do employers and employees think differently about the pros and cons? And how does flexible working affect our mental health and well-being? Is there a trade off with productivity that we need to think about? Let’s find out. In this episode, host Bart van Ark talks to Andy Start, CEO Government Services (Capita) & Professor Diane Coyle of the University of Cambridge about how the pandemic has dramatically changed the way many of us work and the positive and negative effects that’s had on personal and organisational productivity.


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About our guests

Andy Start is the CEO of Government Services at Capita, which employs more than 8,000 people and delivers technology-enabled business services for a broad range of central government, local authority, healthcare and other public sector clients. He spent the last 20 years at senior leadership level in FTSE and S&P500 international technology businesses before joining Capita in 2019.

Professor Diane Coyle CBE is Bennett Professor of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge. She leads the Knowledge Capital research theme at The Productivity Institute and is on its executive committee and executive team.

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