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and practitioners

The Institute’s key research themes
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Businesses are crucial to solving
the UK’s productivity problems.

We’re a UK-wide research
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Businesses are crucial to solving
the UK’s productivity problems.

CIMA National Productivity Week event

Productivity Lessons Learnt from the World – Best International Practices and Policies

The Panel Discussions

  • Business Leaders Panel: 8.00am – 8.45am GMT
  • Macro Experts Panel: 8.45am – 9.30am GMT

Join this interactive session to hear from business leaders and experts around the world.

  • What drives productive nations and businesses?
  • Can improving productivity play a key role in making your organisation more competitive?
  • How can governments support your productivity agenda?

This webinar provides a forum for global business leaders and macro experts to share examples from leading countries to improve productivity growth and demystify the productivity puzzle.

These sessions are held in conjunction with The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants as part of National Productivity Week. Andrew Harding, CEO – Management Accounting at AICPA & CIMA, will be chairing the panel. Along with AICPA & CIMA members and business leaders, panellists will include:

  • Tera Allas, Director of Research and Economics, McKinsey
  • Dan Andrews, Research Director and Head of Policy Engagement, E61 Institute, Sydney
  • Frances Ruane, Chair of the National Competitiveness and Productivity Council in Ireland
  • Professor Bart Van Ark, Managing Director and Principal Investigator at The Productivity Institute.

Join us for one of the discussions or for both panels to hear from over 6 experts.


  • 30 November 2023


  • 8:45 am - 9:30 am