Wales Productivity Forum

Wales has a population of 3 million, concentrated in the areas of Swansea, Cardiff and Newport, the South Wales Valleys and the north-east corner. Wales has a strong industrial heritage, centred on coal, heavy manufacturing and industry with a shift towards service sectors, tourism and technology. Wales’ output per hour is 17.2% below the UK average and it has three of the 10 least productive parts of the UK, and none in the top 10.

Key Contacts

Professor Andrew Henley

Wales Forum Lead
Cardiff University

Robert Lloyd Griffiths OBE

Wales Forum Chair
Institute of Directors, Wales

Michelle Davies

TPI Business Engagement Lead
The Productivity Institute


Andrew Cooksley MBE

ACT Training

Chris Nott OBE

Capital Law

Cynthia Ogbonna

Non executive director

Dr Erin Gill


Dr Huw Morris

Welsh Government

Giles Thorley

Development Bank of Wales

Peter Marissen

Admiral Group

Professor David Blackaby

Swansea University

Professor Max Munday

Cardiff Business School

Professor Mike Woods

Aberystwyth University

Professor Melanie Jones

Cardiff Business School

Professor Gill Bristow

Cardiff University

Jonathan Price

Welsh Government

Professor Phil Brown

Cardiff University

Steve Dalton OBE

Sony UK Technology Centre

Professor Steve Martin

Cardiff University

Professor Rick Delbridge

Cardiff Business School

Joanna Swash


Professor Rachel Ashworth

Cardiff Business School

Dr Janet Wademan

Van Helsing Limited


Disappointing numbers for Q2 suggest that productivity has not yet joined the UK recovery