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Businesses are crucial to solving
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Businesses are crucial to solving
the UK’s productivity problems.

About The Productivity Lab

The TPI Productivity Laboratory

Founded in 2022, the Productivity Laboratory is the TPI’s data science centre of excellence, the “engine room” for data-related activities. It is The Productivity Institute‘s scientific platform for collecting, disseminating, producing productivity data and experimenting with different analytical methods rooted in econometrics and data science.

TPI Lab’s goals

The Productivity Lab’s primary goals are:

  • Dissemination of TPI research and data-related tools on Productivity, with a particular focus on the UK, through data publications.
  • Create Data-Based Insights through blogs and interactive tools for a broad audience, researchers, policymakers and business strategists
  • Provide a hub with links to valuable data sources in the field of productivity research and provide a structure and overview of these databases, with examples and information on how to use them.

TPI Lab’s stages

The Lab’s portal structure

The TPI Productivity Lab’s portals structures the datasets and additional content by their spatial dimension, providing information at the:

Within these spatial dimensions, it further subdivides the content along three economic dimensions:

  1. Micro or Firm-level
  2. Sector, or Industry-level
  3. Aggregate, or Macro-level

Figshare – Lab’s data infrastructure

The TPI Productivity Lab is the main outlet for data sets that are funded and produced by The Productivity Institute. These datasets are hosted on the Figshare platform- TPI Productivity Lab’s subgroup. Figshare is an official data repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable, and discoverable manner. Figshare supports and provides several important features for hosting research data:

  • Open access
  • Clear meta descriptions and terms of use
  • Unique identifiers (DOI)
  • Version control for updated releases
  • Keeps track of citations and file downloads

TPI Productivity Lab Expert Group

The productivity lab has recently constituted the TPI Productivity Lab Expert group, chaired by Professor Rebecca Riley (King’s College London) and composed of members of data-related institutions such as ONS and OECD. The lab’s expert group will be requested to provide advice on critical data-related topics linked with the lab’s programme of activities as well as evaluate and assess the quality of its activities.

TPI Lab’s partner institutions and collaborators

The TPI Productivity Lab is currently engaged in activities with ESCoE, ONS, The Conference Board, EUKLEMS-Intanprod-LUISS, CompNet, OECD, Groningen Growth and Development Centre (CGDC), among other data-related partners.

Coming soon!

At the lab, we are constantly engaging with other institutions to bring data insights, datasets, and data-related tools! The lab will soon start engagement data-related activities including workshops and a fellowship – studentship programme. Stay tuned!

For questions regarding the Productivity lab’s blogs, data, or requests for potential collaboration, including hosting or disseminating any productivity data-related opportunities, please send us an e-mail.